Frequently asked questions related to the service. If you have any questions which are not answered here, please email [email protected].

How much will I receive for my boat?

Our agents pay trade prices for your boat. What does this mean? The we buy any boat agent will assess the current market value of your boat and sale-ability of your boat. The following costs will need to be taken into account:

  • They will need to get the boat into A1 condition for sale. So all checks and repairs will need to be done, as a warranty has to be supplied with the boat when sold.
  • The boat may need to be surveyed.
  • The boat will need to be transported to their yard.
  • There are costs involved in storage until sold.
  • Tax will need to be paid on any profit.

Is there a fee for our service?

No! Throughout the process there is no fee and no obligation to take an offer.

Will a survey be required by

A survey is not always needed. In some circumstances a survey will be conducted by the agent before the transaction can be completed.

Will We Buy Any Boat need a sea trial before buying the boat?

A sea trial is not always needed. In some circumstances it will be requested by the agent.

Do you purchase boats outside of the UK?

Sorry, at this time we currently do not have any agents that purchase boats moored outside of the UK.

How long does an offer last?

This will be determined by the agent. If it has been a while since your offer, please contact the agent to see if they can still offer these terms, or they need to be updated.

Do you buy every boat offered to

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that every boat offered will receive an offer from an agent. Some boats either do not have the correct paperwork or are unlikely to be profitable for an agent. Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

Are you going to SPAM me?

Definitely not! We hate SPAM as much as you do. The only correspondence that you will receive will be about the progress of your boat in our system and contact from one of our agents.