How to Sell a Boat Fast

If you must sell your boat, we have all the info you could need. In the following series of articles we explore how to sell a boat fast and for more money.

1. Prepare your boat for sale

There is no doubt that preparing your boat for sale will improve the value, increase the speed and likelihood of a sale.

Cleaning your boat for sale

How to de-clutter and clean your boat. If that’s not for you then we show you how to go about finding someone who will do it for you.

What to replace or repair?

Is it worth replacing those sails just to sell? Do I have to get the nav lights working?

Painting and finishing your boat

We all know a boat looks better with a fresh coat of varnish and an antifoul, but how much value will it add?

2. Price it right

Getting your price right when selling your boat is one of the most important considerations when looking at how to sell a boat fast. Too high and your boat can easily be on the market for over a year and may never even get a sale! Too low and you may get a quick sale, however you’ll be selling yourself short.

What to consider when valuing your boat

What do you need to know and what to take into account when deciding on a price for your boat.

Using the internet to value your boat.

We will guide you to the right places to find comparable values online. Get informed!

Using a broker or a dealer to value your boat

Brokers and dealers are very useful when deciding on a price. They have in depth knowledge of the market and often great advice.

3. Decide where and how to sell your boat

Selecting the right place to sell your boat can be tricky. Do you sell through a broker, privately or to a dealer?

Selling your boat privately

We check out the pros and cons of selling privately. Where to do it and how to go about it.

Selling through a broker

How to choose your broker and what to expect from them.

Selling to a dealer

Selling to a dealer has become easier with, so we look at what to expect from dealing with the trade.